Who can benefit from your service?

Organizations/teams with at least three members.

What sector or industry do you to specialize in?

I focus on operational aspects of the business. No vertical specialization. For example, my analysis won't tell you what machinery you should use to manufacture widgets.

What products do you sell?

None. This allows me to provide a completely objective assessment  of your firm's operational process. However, at times I do use products or services as examples that are well suited for improving efficiency.

How do you learn about my firm's processes?

I'm onsite to personally observe as each team member performs their duties and interact with them.

What will be the results of the observation of my firm's operational procedures?

Ultimately a written analysis that includes my observations and recommendations for changes in your team's business processes. From that you have the ability to choose to follow all or some my recommendations at your discretion.

What geographic area do you serve?

Generally, the NYC metro area.

My company is in the planning stages. How can your consulting help?

The best value is realized by firms experiencing challenges in their existing operations.

Will you implement the recommended systems?

Yes, which includes a separate implementation fee.