Born and raised in New York City, John Pugh has 30+ years of experience in the financial services and real estate management sectors which he now uses as a business consultant helping businesses improve their operations by addressing black holes, bottlenecks and hiccups. John helps organizations realize benefits such as improved workflow efficiency and cost savings. He has tested and/or implemented many services and products over the course of his career which gives him insight as to their best fit and use for today’s businesses.
Always interested as to how existing methodologies and technologies can best enable organizations across a variety industries, he continuously reviews business processes and technologies. He is also an advocate of small/medium sized businesses who generally don’t have team members with the experience or time to make business process assessments.
When he’s not focused on his clients operations John likes to stay physically active and enjoys playing outdoor sports. He also enjoys observing different cultures, languages and discovering local points of interest.

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Be aware of #HIPAA guidelines regarding email. Ensure the highest standard of compliance with Hosted Exchange email which is different from Office 365. I'm happy to answer questions. #hospital #Doctors #healthcare

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